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Jane Morgan Studio and Gallery, Inc. officially opened in June of 2006. In August we celebrated with a Grand Opening that was quite successful.
November 2006 - a new show opened featuring E. Gregory Siler with his works "Transitions: Works on Canvas and Paper." This show went down the first week in January 2007. Greg's exhibit was quite successful - two large paintings sold - we received great reviews from the media; as well as clients and people who passed through while his work was up said "it was one of the best shows they had seen in Louisville for some time." That is always music to the gallery owner's ears!
2007 - the featured artist for the months of January, February and March were the works of the owner of the gallery, Jane Morgan.
Jean Cogswell has some of her great serigraph pieces in the gallery for sale. Jean is an accomplished printmaker, so come by and see her work.
Fall 2007 - Marie-Elena Ottman had a solo show in the gallery with her exquisite ceramics. The opening of this show was September 18 through October 31, 2007. An artist reception was held on Friday, September 21st from 5 - 8 p.m.
Marie-Elena is an accomplished ceramicist. She has won numerous awards and four of her pieces were published in a very sought after book. This was a "must see exhibit" as you couldn't believe the color and the beauty of her work. This exhibit was quite successful as 14 of her pieces sold.

2008, The Plein Air Painters of Kentucky - exhibit opened on March 26 and went through May 14, 2008. The Opening Reception was held on Thursday, April 3 from 5 - 8 p.m. Nine artists out of the sixteen in the group participated in the exhibit.
We received good press; the show was quite successful.
Fall 2008, - Printmaking and Drawing Exhibit featuring University of Louisville Professors James Grubola, John Whitesell, Barbara Hanger and Mark Priest; with past BA, BFA and Graduate students David Shiner, Joan Waldron Marsh, Shirley Tseng, Jean Cogswell, Rita Peyton Neblett and Jane Morgan. This was a great show and several pieces sold.
There are Graphite Drawings, Ink Jet Prints, Silver & Goldpoint Drawings, Colored Pencil Drawings, Mezzotints, Intaglio, Serigraphs, Etchings, and Intaglio. You will be amazed to see the color, abstraction, and narrative work in this show. This show is not like any you have seen before, it's exciting and colorful; so please come by and see what these artists have done, you won't be sorry!
Spring 2009, - The Plein Air Painters of Kentucky exhibit featured 18 artists in the Group. Exhibit April 29 through June 6, 2009. This show was so successful that the exhibit was extended another week. There was a hugh turnout and was one of the best shows yet for the Plein Air Painters.
2009 - Retrospective: Frank Campbell" Fall Exhibit, October 7 - December 19, 2009. A reception was held on October 22. Many people knew Frank as an artist and came to see this show. I felt like I had known him through his paintings. It was obvious that Frank loved to paint water, whether it was the ocean, the rivers or the rain. This, too, was a successful exhibit.
2010 - Featuring "Olmsted Parks" paintings by The Plein Air Painters of KY. April 14 through May 29, 2010. The group painted in eight of the eighteen Frederick Law Olmsted Parks here in the city of Louisville last May - October, 2008. There were 26 participating artists in this show. The Gallery had a private preview party for the Olmsted Conservancy before it opened; and then a Reception on Thursday, April 22 for the public. This exhibit drew hundreds of people to come through the Gallery as people love the parks. This show almost sold out. It was unbelievable the response to these paintings!
Later that year the Olmsted Conservancy had calendars printed with all the parks the group painted in; as well as note cards and post cards. These were sold for the Olmsted Conversancy.
2010 - Featuring Kentucky Plein Air Painter, "Beverly Bruntz." Beverly lived in CA for many years and returned to live in her home State of Kentucky. Beverly is a member of the Oil Painters of America, The Plein AIr Painters of KY and the Indiana Plein Air Painters and more. Beverly is an accomplished plein air painter and had paintings from CA as well as many KY Landscapes from all over the state in this exhibit. Again, this exhibit was quite successful.

2011 - "Featuring Ten Plein Air Painters" This exhibit was for the ten artists that the Gallery represents. Exhibit dates: November 17 through January 2011, with a Reception on Thursday, December 9th. This was the first show for these artists as a group and it was quite successful.
2011 - Bill Fletcher, Plein Air Painter" from Lexington, KY. This exhibit was April 13 through May 31, 2011. The Reception was held on Thursday, April 21. Bill travels around the country and in Europe painting and teaching workshops. So the exhibit had plein air work from many places, but the majority of Bill's work was done in and around Shakertown, the Red River Gorge and other beautiful Kentucky areas. This show was quite successful.
2011 - "Still Life" by the Plein Air Painters of KY. "Out of the Elements into the Studio!" The Opening Reception was on Thursday, June 23 from 5 - 8 P.M. The Exhibit is June 15 through July 30, 2011. We decided to keep our hands in the "paint" and so we painted in the Life Drawing Class at Mellwood during the months of January/February/March and had so much fun. Painting there was almost like painting in the elements as we fought the electricity blowing fuses, the fans not working and getting overheated; the only thing constant was the lighting! We had a great time though and have some great paintings from this adventure. So please do come and see what "plein air painters" can do in the studio! This exhibit has been so successful that it has been extended through the month of August 2011.
2012 "Along the Ohio River" April thru June 2, 2012
2012,June thru August 2012 "Indiana and Kentucky Plein Air Painters.
2012 -2013 "Mixing it UOP" November 21 thru March 31, 2013
2013 - "Architecture in Landscape" April thru September 3o, 2013.
2014-15, "The Paths of Nature" by artists represented by the gallery, thru March 2015
2014 "Color in the Landscape" by the hole group of Plein Air Painters of Kentucky. We painted on private property in 2014 and had the exhibit in the spring of 2015.
2015 - 16 "Just Plein Fun" by artists represented by the gallery. 15 artists participated in this show. The plein air pieces were painted in many places, while on vacation in Europe and else where. Many were painted in the states and and the Caribbean.
2016 May - May - July 15, 2016 "The Parklands" This exhibit will donate 20% to The Parklands for every painting sold while this show is up.
2016 "From Field to Finish" we painted in the Parklands and so have some field studies that we will take one into the studio and paint a larger piece from the study and then have a show in July 20 - Oct.
Jane Morgan